5 Tips for Starting a Career in Freelance Engineering

by James Sowers | Last Updated:  March 26, 2021

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Choosing to ditch traditional career paths and become your own boss is rewarding but it comes with a unique set of challenges, especially for engineers. There’s a great deal of uncertainty surrounding freelancing. However, being a successful freelance engineer is entirely possible as long as you start on the right track.

If you are thinking of starting a career in freelance engineering, five simple tips can give your career a significant boost early on. I’m going to share them with you and set you on the fast track to success!

1. Do Your Research

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The most successful people in life do extensive research before making any big decision. Freelancing isn’t for everyone; it can be difficult and frustrating at times and you need certain skills to make it in this field.

Before you decide to work independently, you need to be informed not only of facts and statistics but the basic pros and cons of choosing this career path.

Freelancing Facts and Statistics


These stats tell you three important things: freelancers in North America and Europe have plenty of opportunities for jobs, you might be working full-time hours, and a growing number of large companies are hiring freelancers such as yourself. At the very least, you can use these statistics as a jumping-off point to ask further questions.

2. Weigh the Benefits and the Risks

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Freelancing Pros and Cons

There are considerable upsides and downsides to starting a career in freelance engineering. Consider them carefully before making a final decision.



Knowing the benefits and the risks helps you make a more informed choice overall.

3. Take Advantage of Freelancing Platforms

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The first step to becoming a successful freelance engineer is to advertise your services and make yourself visible to potential clients. Simply announcing what you do on your social media page isn’t going to help you secure many jobs.

Instead, you should create an account on a freelance website of your choosing and advertise what you do in a location targeting clients in need of your services.

Popular freelance websites include:

Each platform offers different tools and features that help you secure jobs and manage your projects.

4. Build a Stellar Profile

Once you’ve signed up on the platform of your choosing, it’s time to build a profile that potential clients can’t ignore. Your profile is their first impression of you so it’s crucial that you make it a great one.

The essential things to add to your freelancer profile include:

Source: canva.com

5. Apply, Apply, Apply

Your budding career in freelance engineering is not going to blossom if you don’t apply for jobs. The freelance website or websites that you join list current open positions. It is your job to tell each potential client why you would be the best fit for the project they completed.

Your success hinges on the contracts you secure; the more you apply, the more likely it is that you will get a positive response. If you do these five things, you put yourself on the right path to starting a successful career in freelance engineering.

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