23 Easy Ways To Make Money Fast In Your Spare Time

by James Sowers | Last Updated:  September 8, 2019

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If you’re like a lot of people I talk to, you’re probably always on the lookout for easy ways to make money fast. (Without a job)

I’m no different. In fact, I maintain a diary where I’ve noted down all the legitimate ideas to make money fast in my spare time.

Whenever I am in need of some extra cash, I open my diary and work on them. And to no surprise, I manage to pull out a decent amount of money EVERY TIME.

It’s a lifesaver!

And because my goal is to help you guys, I am going to let the cat out of the bag and reveal every single one of them.

If you’re looking to make some extra money (QUICKLY), give this a read till the end.

Let’s hop into it!

23 Easy Ways To Make Money Fast

1. Share Your Opinion

There are sites like Survey Junkie that’ll happily pay you up to $45 for each completed survey.

All you have to do is answer a handful of questions and get paid for it.

The reason these companies pay you for sharing your opinion is because they want to understand their customers better and a great way to do that is to conduct surveys.

They rely on people like you and me to help them out by answering a few questions, and in return, they pay for it.

It’s a win-win!

My favorite survey site is Survey Junkie because they pay the highest per survey and you can cash out via PayPal or in the form of gift cards.

If you want to earn $1 instantly without doing much work, follow these steps:

  1. Get $0.25 by signing up through my link.
  2. Get $0.25 by confirming your email address.
  3. Get $0.50 when you complete your profile.
  4. Get $0.5 + $0.10 for taking the “How it works” tour and filling out simple profile surveys.

Obviously, when it comes to taking surveys, one is never enough. So, be sure to check out these 11 best online survey sites that pay cash fast.

2. Install The Nielsen App For Free Money

Nielsen Computer & Mobile Panel is an awesome app that’ll pay you $50 a year just for keeping the app installed on your favorite internet browsing device, no matter if it’s mobile, tablet or laptop.

Now you must be wondering “Why they’re paying just for keeping an app?

Well, that’s because they’re a reputed company that conducts internet usage research from time to time.

By keeping the app installed on your device, they get to study the internet browsing behavior of users, which collectively adds up to their research.

In addition to earning $50 a year, you get a $5 sign up bonus when you install the app and keep it for 30 days.

Also, you automatically get added to their sweepstakes for an opportunity to earn BIG.

The app is absolutely free and lightweight.

3. Get Paid To Visit Stores

What if there was a way to earn money for window shopping? Well, there is.

It’s called Shopkick. This app rewards you with PayPal cash and gift cards just for walking into stores and scanning barcodes.

Other than that, you can also earn rewards for:

  1. Scanning receipts
  2. Linking your card to the app
  3. Purchasing stuff with your linked card
  4. Watching fun videos within the app
  5. Visiting selected online stores
  6. Inviting your friends to use Shopkick
  7. etc

For every task that you complete (Such as walking into stores), you earn points called “Kicks” which can be redeemed for PayPal cash or various gift cards.

4. Deliver Food And Groceries

Postmates is a delivery service for food, drinks and groceries that is looking for drivers to deliver stuff to customers.

A great thing about Postmates is you get to keep 100% of what you earn every time you complete a delivery. There is no fees or time commitments.

You choose your own working hours and you can cash out your earnings whenever you want.

Once you sign up, they’ll send you a welcome kit containing your delivery bag and prepaid card so you can go online and start accepting delivery offers and earn money.

This is one of those easy ways to make money fast that pays really well.

There is another awesome delivery service called DoorDash which is very similar to Postmates and pays really well too.

You might want to check out both of these and see which one does better for you.

On a side note: Both of them doesn’t necessarily require you to have a car. You can deliver with your bicycle, truck, van, bike or scooter. (Which is pretty cool!) 😀

Sign up for Postmates

Sign up for DoorDash

5. Test Out Products

Vindale Research is a program that’ll pay you to complete various tasks, and one of them is evaluating products.

Once you sign up, you’ll have the option to start requesting products and give your honest feedback on it and get paid up to $75.

There are companies that are looking for people like you and me to test out their newly introduced products and give out our opinion.

Other than product evaluation, Vindale Research pays you to:

Once you reach a total of $50, you can cash out your earnings via PayPal.

6. Test Out Websites And Apps

You can earn up to $60 every time you test out new websites and apps on UserTesting.com.

Each test usually requires you to visit a website/app and share your honest thoughts on it + complete a few simple tasks.

To get started, you would need:

  1. A PC/Mac
  2. An internet connection
  3. A microphone to clearly record your voice
  4. A PayPal account so you can get paid
  5. Be at least 18 years of age
  6. Be able to speak in English

They pay after 7 days of completing a test.

7. Spend Time With Dogs

Do you like pets? I am guessing you do, because WHO DOESN’T?

Rover is an app that connects dog walkers/sitters with owners in literally the easiest way possible.

You could earn up to $10-$40 for a 30 minute walk with a cute dog. And the great thing is, you can take more than one dog at a time. Maybe like 2-3 altogether which will increase your earnings.

Once you sign up, you’ll have the option to set your own schedule and prices + choose what type of dogs you want to walk/sit.

Whenever you complete a walking/sitting session, you will be paid within 2 days.

8. Watch Videos In Your Spare Time

We all get bored sometimes and the best way to kill boredom is to watch videos.

But what if I tell you: You can GET PAID to kill your boredom by watching videos?

YES! Swagbucks and InboxDollars are two sites that’ll happily pay you to watch their interesting library of videos.

They have some really entertaining videos of cute animals and cooking shows that aren’t boring.

It won’t make you a $100/day watching those videos, but yes some extra little money for sure.

9. Share Your Car

If you own a car that you don’t use 24/7, then you can make really good extra money without doing anything.

Getaround is an app that’ll pay you to list your car and let other people rent it when you’re not using it.

As per their official website, you can earn $1000s every year at an average.

And if in case you’re wondering, “What if my car is mishandled?”

Don’t worry! Getaround has every trip covered with a $1M insurance and 24/7 roadside assistance.

Not only that, all renters have to pass a driver-safety screening before picking your car.

To get started, just sign up for a free account by providing details about you and your car and Getaround will guide you on what needs to be done next to start making money.

You can cash out your earnings every month.

10. Get Extra Cash from Rakuten

Rakuten (Formerly Ebates) is a cashback app that will pay you money in many ways.

1st way: Sign up and get $10 instantly as a bonus

2nd way: Refer your friends to Rakuten and earn $5 every time they sign up through your link

3rd way: Get cashback for shopping at your favorite stores. (Because saving money is a way of making money)

You can straightaway sign up and start making money.

As an addition, you can also install their browser extension that works for chrome, safari, firefox and edge browsers. This way you’ll be instantly notified of latest discounts and coupons.

11. Get Free Sign Up Bonus Instantly

There are sites and apps that are looking for new users to join them and many of them are offering a FREE sign up bonus.

These are the sites to get your free money instantly:

  1. InboxDollars ($5)
  2. Rakuten ($10)
  3. Survey Junkie ($0.25)
  4. Vindale Research ($1)
  5. InboxPounds ($5)
  6. Oh My Dosh (£1)
  7. Life Points ($0.10)

Why not join as many of them and claim your sign up bonus? Once you reach their minimum payout threshold, most of them will pay you via PayPal cash or gift cards.

12. Teach English To Chinese Kids

If you have at least a bachelor”s degree, you can make money teaching English to Chinese kids.

VIPKid is a fabulous online tutoring company that connects Chinese kids to native English-speaking teachers.

And the best thing is you don’t need to migrate to China. You can do this right from your home!

They’re always on the lookout for new teachers and you can sign up to be one today to start making money by sharing your expertise.

13. Invest Your Spare Change

Acorns is an investment app that I came across recently and it is MINDBLOWING!

What it does is: It takes your spare change from your everyday purchases and invests it on stock markets that can profit you in the future.

For example, if you bought a smoothie for $3.55, Acorns will move $0.45 into your investment account (which means you spend $4 in total). Out of the total $4, you invested $0.45 into stocks that can result you in profits.

Till now, they have invested more than $1 Billion from users with just spare change.

You can sign up for free and get a $5 bonus instantly that’ll help you get started.

14. Get Surprise Refunds

Ever felt bad when you just bought something and the price suddenly dropped down after your purchase? You just wish you had waited a bit so you could buy at a discounted price.

Ring any bells?

It happens but not anymore, because there is an app called Paribus that’ll get your money refunded effortlessly.

Let me explain how it works: Suppose you bought a watch for $65 and suddenly after your purchase, the price dropped to $50. Now, Paribus will scan your email for the purchase receipt and get your $15 refunded. How cool is that?

This app literally scans your whole email box to look for price changes and refunds you money back for every item that dropped their price.

Signing up is free and takes no more than 5 minutes to start getting refund from stores.

15. Share Your Room Space

If you have a spare room in your house, then you can make extra money fast by becoming an Airbnb host.

There are people (especially travelers) who’re always looking to drop in for a night or two and you can host them as guests by sharing your extra room.

As an Airbnb host, you can charge any amount that you feel is right and get paid within 24 hours after a guest completes their stay.

Obvious tip: The more good reviews you have, the better your chances of landing guests. So, be sure to give your guests an experience they won’t forget.

16. Drive People Around

If you know how to drive and have some free time, then you can make extra cash by becoming a driver for Uber or Lyft.

This side hustle has the potential to make you a full-time income depending upon how much time you dedicate to it.

The great thing is, you don’t need your own car. Once you get approved, they’ll provide you one from their vehicle partners.

In order to get started, you would need to be at least 18 years old and have a valid driving license along with other documents.

You would also have to clear a background screening to finally start picking up passengers and making money.

The biggest advantage of driving for these companies is you can set your own working hours. You can choose to do this at night after your full-time job or only on the weekends – whatever you prefer.

17. Flip Items For Profit

Flipping items for profit is one of the coolest ideas to make money fast.

This is how it works:

  1. You visit flea markets and find items that are selling at a low price
  2. You purchase the items
  3. Then you resell them elsewhere for a higher price

This way you make a nice profit out of it.

In fact, Rob and Melissa from Flipper University makes well over $100,000/year flipping items.

Here are some of the items they bought and sold for a nice profit:

And because they don’t want to keep the secret to themselves, they’re offering a value-packed FREE class in which you’ll learn how to start doing this from today.

18. Get Cashback For Shopping

Be it t-shirts, kitchen appliances or electronics – online shopping is something we all do on a regular basis.

On top of that, we love getting discounts on items. But what’s even better is, getting CASHBACK on your purchases.

Yes, I am talking about those scenarios when you buy an item for $45 and get $15 back as a reward.

And because I see saving money as a way of making money, I’ve prepared a list of my favorite sites that gives you cashback on your purchases. Here are they:

  1. Groupon
  2. Drop
  3. Rakuten
  4. Swagbucks
  5. InboxDollars
  6. InboxPounds
  7. MyPoints
  8. Shopkick
  9. Paribus

You can join as many of them because all of them has different deals which you don’t want to miss out on.

19. Trim Down Your Bills

A week ago I got a notification on my phone saying I was charged $43 as part of a yearly plan of a sports live streaming service. (And I don’t even use it anymore!)

But, there’s not much I can do about it. Why? Because:

  1. I’ve been charged already
  2. It was my fault as I forgot to cancel the subscription

Lessen learnt: Always keep a check on your recurring subscriptions and cancel out the ones you don’t need.

However, tracking things manually is hard and can consume a lot of your time (Especially if you have a ton of subscriptions).

That’s when Trim the money-saving assistant comes in. I discovered this just a few days ago and it is a complete game changer.

What it does: It cancels unnecessary subscriptions, negotiates your bills, looks for better car insurance + lots more.

Once you sign up, just connect your financial accounts and it’ll do all the hard work – without you wasting time doing things manually.

It is an awesome free app that can save you a ton of money on autopilot.

20. Flip Domains

Did you know: Elon Musk paid $11 million to purchase the domain name “Tesla.com”

Initially it was Teslamotors.com but Elon didn’t like it and wanted something better, so he had to pay $11M to it’s previous owner in order to acquire Tesla.com.

But why am I telling you this?

To show you the kind of demand there is for purchasing good domain names. I personally know people who’re making thousands of dollars a month flipping domains.

Flipping domains means buying it cheap from a source and selling it for a higher price elsewhere.

Now, how can you start doing this? Follow the steps below:

Step 1: Go to Justdropped.com. It is a website that lists quality domains that have just been expired and are ready to be purchased.

Step 2: Click on “Daily Deals” to check the newest available domains.

Step 3: Now you have a list of domains that are available for purchase. Buy the one(s) that you think will sell well. In this case, Funkyparties.com looks like a good one.

Step 4: Once you’ve purchased the domain, list it on Flippa.com for a higher price.

Flippa is a marketplace to buy and sell stuff like websites, apps and domains.

There are domains selling for more than $3,500 and people are buying like CRAZY! Check the screenshot below:

It is a great time to start flipping domains, so be sure to try it out.

21. Help People Out

Taskrabbit is a website that let’s you bid on tasks like babysitting, TV repairing, dry cleaning, shifting furniture etc.

These micro jobs are posted by people who need help with everyday tasks and are looking for people like you who can give them a hand in return for money.

Once you sign up, Taskrabbit will notify you whenever a nearby job is available. You can then select the ones you want to do, talk with the client, complete the task and then submit your invoice to get paid.

22. Get $50 For Your Writing

If you want an extra $50 within a few days, then you can write a list-based article for listverse.com.

You don’t need any prior experience in writing but the list should include 10 items, be unique and interesting to read. There are obviously other terms and rules as well which you can read here.

The topics can be of your choice and can range from entertainment to lifestyle to science to what not.

However, their article approval process is a bit strict and you might have to keep trying several times with different write-ups to see which one they approve.

I recommend trying this one out only if you have the time in hand.

23. Declutter Your Stuff For Cash

Believe it or not, your house has a lot of unnecessary stuff lying on various spots. Mine is no different.

In fact, I usually take out a day every month to clean my room, which in turn helps me gather stuff that I no longer need.

And all of that unnecessary stuff I sell it on Decluttr, which is a website that lets you sell your used stuff. Be it watches, books, phones, games or CDs, you can make some nice amount of extra money.

All you do is enter correct information about your item, such as model and condition and you’ll be offered an instant valuation on your item (The amount of money you’ll make on that product).

After that, you have to pack your item in a box of your choice and drop it off at your nearest shipping location. Decluttr will take care of the shipping so you don’t have to pay a single penny for that.

Once your item has been received, you’ll get your payment the very next day via PayPal, Check or Direct deposit.

Your Turn

So you just discovered 23 EASY ways to make money fast.

Which means, now you can use any of the above listed methods to make some extra cash whenever you’re in need of it.

However, it’s sensible to assume that these methods won’t make you a living. These are best to be utilized when you need some quick money.

Maybe to pay the rent, go for shopping or to have a weekend outing.

If you’re looking for something that pays much more than this, then be sure to check out these 13 epic work from home jobs to earn money for a living.

What are you going to try out first? Take surveys, walk dogs or test out products? Or all of them?

Let me know in the comments. 🙂

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