7 Hobbies that Make Money

by James Sowers | Last Updated:  March 16, 2021

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Many people feel jaded with the careers that they’ve chosen because they aren’t doing what they love. Spending most of your life doing something that doesn’t satisfy you is exhausting – and it’s not a happy way to live your life.

If you can relate, then I have some great news: you can potentially monetize your money to earn extra income doing what you love! There are so many marketable hobbies that people overlook because they don’t believe that anything so enjoyable could also pad their wallet. This simply is not the case.

Today, I’m going to talk about some profitable hobbies that can make you money and how you can get some extra cash (and more satisfaction) from doing what you are passionate about.

1. Video Games

Source: canva.com

It may shock you to know that playing video games can have you raking in cash – it sounds too good to be true but the evidence is concrete. The popularity of video game streaming has skyrocketed in recent years and some notable figures have used their love of gaming to make millions of dollars!

Video game channels on YouTube attract millions of viewers all over the world. Popular YouTube gamers include PewDiePie, Jacksepticeye, and Markiplier. All of these YouTubers have a net worth of over $16 million.

If you prefer to stream video games live, Twitch is a popular platform to use. The most notable Twitch gamers include Ninja, Shroud, and Summit1g. These gamers have a combined net worth of $18 million.

Making substantial money by streaming or uploading video game “let’s plays” takes a lot of hard work and dedication but as you can see, it could pay off in the end.

2. Photography

Photos are a small way to leave a big impact on the world. They’re a piece of history, snapshots of the greatest events of our time that can be passed on forever once we’re gone. The world needs professional photographers to record memories, whether they are monumental or only priceless to the people in your portraits. 

Photography is a great hobby and, if you have camera skills to boast about, you can make money doing it. Wedding photographers make an estimated $8,700 per month on average, which is nothing to scoff at. If photojournalism is more your style, you could make upwards of $40,000 per year. It won’t land you a mansion but photojournalism is a noble job with decent pay. There are nature photographers, portrait artists, and many other kinds of photographers out there who make plenty of cash doing what they love. You can always freelance or set up your own side business to earn extra income in your niche.

3. Arts and Crafts

Source: canva.com

You’ve likely heard the term “starving artist” plenty of times. So many that it may have scared you away from the idea of making it a career, which is completely understandable. Selling your art might not make you a millionaire but it could bring in enough extra money to buy yourself something nice or upgrade your home!

If you make art, there’s probably someone out there who will pay for it. You can sell it at craft shows, art walks, or even online! Online markets such as Etsy and Redbubble are a hub for budding artists and crafters of all types.

4. Music

Musical talent is a gift that many people can only dream of having. If you were blessed with these abilities, why not use them to make yourself some extra cash? Writing songs, creating jingles, or even teaching someone else how to play an instrument are all lucrative businesses.

Get started by marketing your talents through YouTube or other places online like Fiverr. Many small businesses need jingles for their ads and a lot of people are willing to pay for music lessons. You can even do it remotely if you choose by using a video chatting app or website (i.e. Skype.)

5. Baking

If there’s one thing that people can’t resist, it’s baked goods. Fresh bread is always better than store-bought and warm cookies or pastries straight from the oven beat mass-manufactured sweets any day. If you’re a baker, you can make some extra dough creating tasty treats for others to enjoy.

Source: canva.com

Advertising your baked goods is best done through word-of-mouth or on local forums. You may have fewer customers than if you had something you could market on a larger platform but it’s still an easy and fun way to add some money to your bank account. Try selling at a farmer’s market or, if you really want to make a time investment, try online marketplaces, setting up an Etsy shop, or advertising to your friends and family on Facebook and Instagram.

6. Blogging

Writing a blog has been a popular way to make money online for many people for around two decades. The popularity of the Internet has given a platform to creative minds who turn their love of storytelling or knowledge of a particular subject into a career.

You don’t necessarily have to give up your day job to have a successful blog; in fact, that’s not recommended as a full-time career at first. But if you have a lot of advice to share with others about a particular subject – fashion or DIY projects, for example – you can make money while making their lives more convenient. Find enough like-minded people to read your blog and create something that a lot of people want to read and you may eventually turn yourself into a full-time blogger.

You earn money blogging through affiliate marketing and gaining sponsors, mainly. You’re paid to market products to your readers. This can easily be worked into your blog without sounding too cheesy as long as you believe in what you are selling.

7. Caring for Animals

Some people are most passionate about working with or caring for animals. You could be a dog trainer in your spare time and people pay for that! You can also use your love of animals to be a dog walker or pet sitter. Every pet owner loves their furry friend and wants the best for them but they may not always have time to give them the attention, training, and care they need. Taking care of people’s pets provide this valuable service.

On average, pet sitters charge around $12-18 per hour for their services. Of course, you can set your own pay rates but make sure that what you’re asking is reasonable for your area or you may end up with no clients. There are many hobbies that make money but some of the most common (and most lucrative) can be found here. If you have a passion, share it with the world! There are a lot of ways of making money doing what you love. Not only will it land you some extra cash, but it’ll leave you feeling fulfilled in a way that most nine-to-five jobs won’t.

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