Where To Find The Best Remote Data Entry Jobs

by James Sowers | Last Updated:  March 26, 2021

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Data entry is a great entry-level job for those without extensive training or experience in a specific field. These jobs can require you to work in one centralized location but many data entry positions are available remotely, doing your job at home instead of in an office.

If you are interested in working a remote data entry job, be wary of all the scams littering various recruiting websites. There are so many that it can be difficult to separate real offers from those just too good to be true.

Fortunately, you don’t have to spend your time sorting legitimate offers from scams because I’m going to do it for you. Let’s go over the best legitimate remote data entry jobs available so you can start applying.

1. Axion Data Entry Services

Source: axiondata.com

Axion Data Entry Services is the company to work for if you’re searching for a long-term position. They hire independent contractors who are serious about the job and want to stay on as long as possible, meaning that the turnover rate is low.

This is good news if you’re already hired but not so great if you are trying to apply. When there are no openings available with the company, you can register in their database to be notified when a new position opens.

You will need two to three years of prior data entry experience and an average typing speed of 50 wpm with no errors to be considered. You’ll also occasionally have to pay a small fee to stay registered with Axion.

Though it may take a while to get hired with this data entry company, their jobs are legit and pay per piece. This data entry job is best suited for people who are experienced and don’t mind waiting for a long-term position to come around.

2. AccuTran Global

Source: accutranglobal.com

AccuTran Global is a highly reputable company but they deal primarily in transcription, not data entry. That said, data entry work is sometimes available and if you are interested in transcription, you don’t need extensive experience to be considered for the job. You just need to score well on your application assessment.

AccuTran Global pays a certain amount per word transcribed.

This data entry job is best suited for those who can do both transcription and data entry efficiently.

3. DataPlus+

Source: dataplus-svc.com

DataPlus+ is a data entry company that primarily focuses on copying information on paper to electronic databases, though they also sometimes require employees to scan documents. To be considered for a position with DataPlus+, you will need to pass a background check. Some of the data you will be working with comes from law enforcement agencies and legal offices.

This company pays per piece completed. Your income depends on how quickly you can complete projects and how many you can do in a given time.

It’s best suited for people with a squeaky clean record who can read particularly messy handwriting as handwritten documents may be given for you to copy into an electronic database.

4. DionData Solutions

Source: diondatasolutions.net/index.html

DionData Solutions hires both in-house and remote positions for data entry but it may not be as easy to apply as some would expect. This company has high standards for all employees and independent contractors.

If you are hired, you will be expected to accurately type at an average speed of 60wpm. You need your own home computer and access to high-speed internet plus the ability to multitask and meet strict deadlines on several projects at once.

As is typical of most data entry jobs, DionData Solutions pays per piece completed.

This data entry job is best suited for responsible, driven people who are excellent multitaskers.

5. Scribie

Source: scribie.com

Scribie hires transcriptionists for small audio transcribing tasks that will be given on a first-come, first-serve basis. There is no guarantee of set wages or a steady stream of jobs, but it’s still legitimate and it pays $10 per hour of audio transcribed.

All Scribie contractors are graded on their work on a scale of on to five, five being the best. If you consistently do good work, you can step into the rank of reviewer and eventually, you will be trusted to transcribe and review your own work.

You need a computer with high-speed internet and a PayPal account to receive payment. This is not one of the higher paying data entry positions available but it’s a good opportunity for anyone looking to make a little extra money fairly quickly.

6. Clickworker

Source: clickworker.com

Clickworker is a website that matches independent contractors to microtasks that require data entry. The projects you complete generally only take a few minutes to do. Because of this, you can’t expect to be paid very much.

Becoming a Clickworker is good for making extra money but it won’t replace a traditional job.

Qualifications for Remote Data Entry Work

If you’re still interested in snagging a remote data entry job, keep in mind that you must fit certain criteria to even be considered for most legitimate positions. Though you don’t need a college degree and ten years of experience, relevant skills and equipment are required.



Remote data entry jobs can be rewarding but you first have to choose a legitimate company and meet all of their requirements. With the help of this guide, now you can.

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