Hi! I am Adnan Rehan – A full-time blogger from India helping newbies quit their 9-5 job and make money online.

Before starting a blog, I had been working as a freelance writer for about 4 years operating from a one-room apartment.

After a fruitful stint writing online for other blogs, I decided to start my own blog and turn my active income into passive.

When I started blogging back in 2016, I definitely didn’t know what I was doing. Heck! I wasn’t even aware that I could monetize my blog.

After a lot of trials and errors backed with research, I gradually started to see some light. My blog began to pick up some pretty decent amount of traffic and the revenue went up the ladder.

Fast forward two years, now I enjoy a full-time income from my 2 blogs and have ample of time in a day to focus on my singing career.

Purpose of This Blog

This blog is meant to take you through my strategies on freelancing, blogging and other ways to make money online.

I started SmartHustleIncome.com as a medium to share what I’ve learnt over the years.

I’ll be regularly posting about what’s working for me and how you can implement it to your benefit.

Just so you know, those posts will be extremely easy to follow along and you can be sure I will explain it in a simple & easy-to-understand manner.

Take The First Step

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